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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Real Cake!

Well kids. It's now or never. I have my first Real Cake order. For someone else. To serve to other people. FORTY - 4.0. - other people. Yes, all of my nails have been bitten to the quick.

The occasion: 2nd grade tropical-theme class party.

The ideas: a million. I scoured the interwebs and, with my mom's help, found a million and seven ideas. Flip flop cakes, surfboard cakes, pirate ships, sharks, fish ponds, boats, Hawaiian shirt cakes (which I might have to do for Father's Day), and more. After a couple days of considering the options (and my extensively-limited skill set and complete lack of experience) I circled back around to my original idea - a deserted island. The idea just takes me to a beach with Captain Jack Sparrow, digging up his bottles and exclaiming, "Why's the rum ALWAYS gone?!?!" (My favorite movie line of all time.)

Here's the concept I drew up:

Two-tiers, 10" round bottom, 8" pyrex dome "island" on top. Bottom tier will be white & blue vanilla cake with blue vanilla buttercream. Top tier will be yellow cake with mini-chocolate chips and brown sugar butter cream "sand" icing. The decorations are almost all molded chocolate. I have some great pics of those that will come next.

Cross all your fingers & toes for me!

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