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Monday, May 31, 2010

After a week of obsessing....

We have blue & white cake, a SH*& TON of Wilton's famous fluffy white "buttercream" and a chocolate chip island. The island cake took almost an hour to bake. After the 10" layers came out (about 40 minutes at 325), I turned the heat down to 310 until a skewer came out of the pyrex cake clean. Oh, and if you ever want to know how to divide 2 boxes of cake mix (different flavors, of course) into three different-sized baking vessels, ask Rick, whose physics major (& math minor) came in WAY handy on Saturday!
Since Rick was so invested in the baking project, I decided he deserved to have some fun and help me put the decorations on the frosted cake. Other than putting one of the coral pieces on backwards and one sideways he did great ;-) (He's watching me type and just grated his teeth.)

I used four straws (ordinary drinking straws courtesy of Mickey D's) as structural supports under the island. Pretty proud of meeself, I yam. The ONLY thing I was disappointed about was the waves... I wanted them to be more white than blue, but the two colors of frosting really combined in the piping bag, rather than streaking the way I'd hoped.

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