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Monday, September 6, 2010

Flavor Braintorming

People keep telling me I should write down all the cupcake flavors I've made and the ideas that randomly pop into my head, so here goes! The flavors I haven't actually made yet are noted as "in the works".

In addition to the flavors listed below, your ideas are happily taste-tested. Let’s make something special for your event!

Ladylike Lemon Vanilla (Mom's Fave): Lemon-zested vanilla cake, filled with lemon curd, frosted with vanilla-lemon Swiss Meringue buttercream

Neapolitan (People’s Choice!): French vanilla cake, filled with fresh strawberry puree, frosted with rich whipped chocolate ganache icing

Obscene Cookies & Crème (People’s Choice!): Double-dark-chocolate-chip-fudge cake, frosted with Oreo-studded cream cheese buttercream

Breakfast on St. Patty’s Day: Coffee-chocolate cake frosted with real Bailey’s Irish cream buttercream (Adults only!)

Mexican Fiesta (Baker’s Fave!): Orange-scented cinna-vanilla cake frosted with Mexican HOT chocolate buttercream (cinnamon + cayenne)

Peppermint Paddy Latte: Mint-chocolate cake with mocha buttercream (whip cream center, optional)

White Christmas (a/k/a Rick's Birthday Cake): Snow-white cake with a coconut-crème center frosted with almond meringue buttercream and topped with coconut, inspired by the amazing creation at Captiva Island's Bubble Room

Bugs B's Fave: Light & fluffy carrot cake topped with a thick swirl of white chocolate, Carolina cream cheese icing (with or without nuts)

Boston Cream: Golden butter cake filled with vanilla custard and topped with bittersweet chocolate ganache

Elvis’s Fave: Chocolate-chip banana cake topped with peanut butter buttercream (Elvis recommends deep-frying this one!)

Fuzzy Navel: Orange-zested sponge cake frosted with peach-nectar buttercream

Pina Colada: Coconut cake frosted with pineapple-rum buttercream

Strawberry Daiquiri: Strawberry-lime cake topped with a shot of vanilla-rum buttercream

Peach Berry: White cake studded with fresh raspberries & blueberries, frosted with peach buttercream (an accidental summer leftover success!)

Reese's PB Cupcake: Chocolate cake filled with a whole Reese's pb cup, topped with milk chocolate & peanut butter swirl buttercream

Caramel Apple: Cinnamon apple cider cake filled with apple butter, topped with salted caramel Swiss meringue buttercream icing

Raspberry Truffle (in the works): Dark chocolate cake filled with raspberry mousse and topped with rich chocolate ganache

Wine & Cheese (in the works): Pink champagne cake filled with sweetened cream cheese, topped with a swirl of bubbly buttercream & sugar pearls

Cookie Dough (in the works): Chocolate-chip golden butter cake, filled with a ball of FOR-REAL! Tollhouse cookie dough, topped with brown sugar buttercream and mini chocolate-chips

Strawberries & Cream (in the works): Fresh strawberry cake topped with Carolina cream cheese icing

"M" Fanfare (in the works): Only available during Michigan football tailgates! Blue velvet cake frosted with a tall swirl of maize Carolina cream cheese icing.

Candy Cane (in the works): Snow-white peppermint vanilla cake studded with real candy cane bits, topped with cool vanilla-mint buttercream and candy cane sprinkles

Also: Vanilla, Chocolate, and any combination you dare try!