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Friday, November 14, 2008

Tailgating Menu

Michigan plays its last home game tomorrow against Northwestern. It's a noon game. And the weather is probably going to be cold and wet. We're tailgating in the morning and so far here is the menu (designed almost entirely by the men who will be attending, can you tell?):
While I applaud the creativity and variety in the beverages, do you happen to notice, as do I, the glaring absence of one or two very important food groups?
Now, I understand it is football, and tailgating, and we usually just do brats & beer, but if you have any suggestions for non-beverage, non-meat, non-bread food items, I would love your input! (Okay, pumpkin is a vegetable, and there will be pumpkin in the muffins or cheesecakes, so that probably completes the triangle, along with the cider and V8 in the bloody Mary's... Right?)
PS: the bagel photo is borrowed from Café Fernando dot com.

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