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Monday, April 6, 2009

Ignoring the April Snowstorm

And pretending it's still sunny & 60 like it was on Saturday. The dogs received a much-deserved field trip to the beach this weekend and I still have warm-fuzzies from the joy it brought us all. Evidence:

Maya in heaven - look at that amazing stick!
Isn't that the most painfully sweet Westie face you've ever seen? I can't believe I got it on film because it never lasts more than 0.2 seconds. It is followed almost instantaneously by sloppy kisses and wet dog tongue up one's left nostril. Love from Nory, take it or leave it.
Breezie on the prowl.
PS ~ I'm getting the hang of this cheap digital camera while my Canon is in the shop. Or, at least in a box ready to go to the shop while I muster the courage to send it away.

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